Our technical and operational expertise means we can fulfil strategic planning and governance advisory services during procurement and operation of your infrastructure project. Aligned with our work in risk management and safety assurance, we are able to undertake operational reviews and identify key operational risks in order to develop mitigations that deliver the highest value to you.

Avondale Residential Subdivision

Traction Room was engaged to project manage a residential subdivision involving moving an existing house to the back of the section, and relocating a new house to the front of the section. New piled foundations, landscaping, utilities, and refurbishment of the building interiors were required.

During the procurement process we submitted a tender to the client to propose self-performing the foundations, retaining walls, drainage, and all other landscaping using the construction side of the company. After going to the market for comparative pricing, the client accepted our proposal and a pseudo EPCM contract was formed.


Avondale, Auckland


Project Value: