Strategic Planning and Governance

Our technical and operational expertise means we can fulfil strategic planning and governance advisory services during procurement and operation of your infrastructure project. Aligned with our work in risk management and safety assurance, we are able to undertake operational reviews and identify key operational risks in order to develop mitigations that deliver the highest value to you.

Critical Network Safety Risk Management

Traction Room employees sat on a number of panels at a strategic and governance level to develop safety risk management strategies in a number of key elements across the operation, including:

Level crossings:

  • Review incident statistics and determine high risk level crossing types
  • Assess root cause of incidents and identify controls that would reduce the likelihood or consequence of an incident.
  • Scoping of upgrades to controls on both rail and road approaches to deliver maximum safety improvements within the available budgets.


  • Review existing operational practices for freight and passenger trains in tunnels.
  • GAP analysis of KiwiRail operational practices against international best practice.
  • Review wider operational practices such as network control, radio communications etc.
  • Development of a governance level risk register and proposed controls to mitigate operational risks.

Track Occupancy:

  • Review of historic incident reports and identification of root causes.
  • Review of current track protection practices and identification of areas for improvement.
  • Development of new track protection rules and protocols to be implemented across the KiwiRail network.



2016 - 2019

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Professional Services