Footpaths and Slabs

We have delivered a number of footpaths and concrete slab projects, ranging from ground slabs for pre-fabricated buildings to major footpath renewals. We have a team of skilled carpenters and concrete finishers who can construct formwork and undertake concrete placement and finishing. We also have the capacity to construct footpath base course layers.

Westhaven Upgrades

Traction Room was engaged as a subcontractor to construct 1500m2 of exposed aggregate concrete footpath on the Auckland waterfront, immediately below the harbour bridge. Our works then expanded to include the trenching and installation of 300m of services, including several chambers and pump stations.

The works were part of a wider project to improve the streetscape of the area and undertake utility upgrades. The key challenges to the project were working in both an environmentally sensitive area and working in a site open to public vehicle and foot traffic.

Major challenges overcome during construction included:

  • Managing excavations below the level of high tide immediately adjacent to the sea
  • Managing the movement of people in a highly trafficked area
  • Working in tight positions using a remote site for materials management
  • Working around the environmental challenges that come from being right beside the sea
  • Delivering the high quality of finish that is expected in these highly prized public areas

Enfield Enterprises

Westhaven, Auckland


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