Footpaths and Slabs

We have delivered a number of footpaths and concrete slab projects, ranging from ground slabs for pre-fabricated buildings to major footpath renewals. We have a team of skilled carpenters and concrete finishers who can construct formwork and undertake concrete placement and finishing. We also have the capacity to construct footpath base course layers.

Footpath Reinstatement

Traction Room have regularly completed footpath reinstatement jobs in the Auckland area, conducting works in Avondale, Epsom, Kohimarama, Westhaven and Mount Eden.

The works have included: demolishing existing footpaths, while making sure none of  the nearby services are affected; compacting the basecourse and pouring concrete; and ensuring the new concrete closely matches the existing finish on a given street.

Some challenges faced while working on reinstatement jobs include:

  • Managing the logistics of pouring in multiple locations on a single truck order
  • Demolishing and removing material off site in a quick manner to avoid the disturbance of nearby residents
  • Traffic management on high volume streets
  • Delivering a high quality finish to match the existing surroundings


Auckland area


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