Footpaths and Slabs

We have delivered a number of footpaths and concrete slab projects, ranging from ground slabs for pre-fabricated buildings to major footpath renewals. We have a team of skilled carpenters and concrete finishers who can construct formwork and undertake concrete placement and finishing. We also have the capacity to construct footpath base course layers.

Tongariro Prison Expansion

Traction Room was engaged by Decmil to complete concrete work including foundations and footpaths at Tongariro as part of the nationwide rapid deployment project.

Traction Room provided over 1000m3 of reinforced concrete for the project and completed over 100 individual mass foundations and 2000m2 of footpaths. We also assisted with general remediations to the prefabricated cells provided by Decmil when they arrived with shipping damage. All works were completed while operating in a live prison environment with serious constraints.

The highly variable desert climate in Tongariro made the management of concrete timing, additive selection and finishing the most challenging we have faced.




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