Retaining Walls

We have strong capabilities in the delivery of challenging civil and structural construction works, including piling, retaining walls, bulk earthworks, installation of service ducts, concrete reinstatement and construction of concrete foundations and footpaths. Our partnerships also enable us to provide other high quality service offerings for a diverse range of projects.

Victory Road Slip Remediation

Traction Room was engaged by Fulton Hogan to construct a timber retaining wall, 100m in length, to reinstate a major slip that had undermined a residential street.

The project involved the construction of a timber SED wall with 88 posts, including installation of timber lagging and handrails/barriers. We also attended to another slip down the road using mass concrete blocks, and pumping flowable fill beneath the driveway of a neighbouring property to stabilise their access.

The project was challenging as it was in a remote location with difficult access and one lane of the road remained open at all times. Each timber post was anchored back into the slope with grouted anchors that had to be installed at the same time as the rest of the work.

During construction the slope started to move under the weight of machinery and needed immediate temporary stabilisation which we provided as well as a switch to lighter weight equipment.

The windy nature of the street made site access very challenging and the work also involved working around overhead power lines. Construction activities needed to be planned in detail to ensure a successful outcome.

Fulton Hogan

Titirangi, Auckland


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